Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nook Cover ~ Do - It - Yourself

I'm so excited I was able to make my own Nook Color cover instead of purchasing one!  The pattern kind of developed because of the size of the piece of fabric I had.  I really wanted to use this pretty fabric and I had a a couple purposes for my Nook cover.  I wanted the cover to fold over the front of the Nook twice (double padding to protect the screen) and I wanted a small pocket to the side for the screen cloth.  I initially wanted elastic holders, but next time I'll make triangular pockets for the Nook corners to tuck into.  You will notice the right side flap was left open instead of sewing it closed to slip in a stiff piece of cardboard for protection if need be.  You will also see the fabric extends only millimeters beyond the top and bottom of the Nook and the next one I make will be slightly wider.  This is just a rough guide, so be creative and change it up!

Start with a piece of fabric folded wrong sides together, a 20 inch by 8.5 inch piece.  (so 20 inch x 17 inch piece of fabric folded to make a 20x8.5 piece.  Then, fold raw edges in (as seen on Right side below...ignore the ironed crease on the Left side...the new measurement after folding in raw edges on both sides will be 18 and 5/16 inches x 8 1/2 inches.

Set your Nook in the center of the fabric and place marking pins (only through top layer of fabric) to show Nook's resting position.

Open fabric, RIGHT (pretty) side of fabric DOWN.

Iron on a piece of adhesive interfacing to the WRONG side of the fabric for extra stability, slightly smaller than the fabric.

Fold Left side in 2 inches for a small pocket (raw edge not shown tucked in, in this photo).

The folded, lined fabric measures about 16 1/4 inches wide now.

Next, cut a piece of stiff fabric liner (no-adhesive type) slightly smaller than fabric for an EXTRA stiff fabric. Place on the WRONG side of fabric.  You will attach it OVER the interfacing.  Pin it securely in place right now.

This is how I decided where to sew the elastic:  Two yellow pins show the distance between the Nook and the four blue pins show where the elastic pieces will be sewn.  Cut four pieces of elastic, about 2 inches long each.  I used 1/4 inch wide elastic.

Sew and reinforce to attach elastic.  Fabric will pucker a bit from elastic pulling it, don't worry, when Nook is in place it flattens right out.

Sew elastic on all four corners for Nook.

Test it out.   Looks good!  ***At this point, if you choose to do a Velcro closure, sew on Velcro in desired spots NOW***

See?  Puckered without the device.

Sew Left and Right sides to attach the stiff fabric liner to the fabric.

Fold double lined fabric, RIGHT sides together and stitch along the bottom (in relation to where the Nook would sit, it's the bottom edge) making a sleeve or tube.

Turn RIGHT-side-out.  Iron/press to smooth out.

Sew the Left side edge, where the small screen cloth will stay, as close to the edge as you can. (The inner stitch line is where you stitched on the thicker fabric liner to the fabric.)

(moving back a bit for a better look...make sense?)  Also, look closely to see that I added a seam to the right and left of the elastic holders, along the fold lines for a more finished look.

Turn in Left side about TWO inches to make pocket.  Sew at top and bottom to make pocket.

I happened to have an extra piece of iron-on Velcro from another project and ironed it on here.  Sew Velcro on as noted above, before the pocket is sewn if needed.  You can also add a seam along the top and bottom to look more finished if you wish.  I opted not to sew a finishing line on the right pocket.  That's it.  It's ready for the Nook!!

Though I don't plan on stuffing the pockets with anything, it's nice to have options.  A library card, small reading log and cloth fit in the left pocket and on the right, to show the size of the pocket, the 'welcome' pamphlet fits perfectly.

There's the pocket that could be sewn shut if desired, or lined with stiff cardboard for protection if needed.

The back side.

Cost to me because I dug in my stash=  F-R-E-E!!    That's the best part, besides the super cute fabric!

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  1. This is such an awesome tutorial! Mr. W just got a nook for Christmas and I've been wanting to make him a case!

  2. Great job. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  3. Wow that came out amazing! Love the fabric.

    1. Thank you! The fabric is one of my favorites too:)

  4. UGH. WHYYYYYYYY did I purchase a Kindle cover? This project is awesome! pinning!

  5. Fabulous! You just saved me the cost of the pattern and I like yours better because of the double fold over the screen. Thanks!

    1. I'm very pleased with it so far and it's working great!

  6. Me again. Would you consider adding the gadget to allow subscription via email? It makes it so much easier to follow a great blog when it comes right to your inbox. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I had an email subscription option at the very bottom of the page, but moved it closer to the top, next to the followers section on the right hand side. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping!

  7. This is hard can you make a video please i will really appreciate it

    1. Sorry if it's confusing! My advice is to follow it loosely if you have another idea in long as your Nook fits within your fabric, it should work. This was made in a 'winging' situation, created as I went, so don't stress! I may make a second cover for a family member for Christmas and more instruction would be possible, but right now I have too many other sewing projects first in line for the holidays:)


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