Sunday, March 4, 2012

Caramel Rice Krispies Bars

If you were wondering where the other half of canned sweetened condensed milk went from last week's treat, {Bittersweet} Chocolate Revel Bars, I used it in these family favorite camping treats:

Caramel Rice Krispies Bars
recipe by Stella B's Kitchen

Butter a 9x13 cake pan.  Prepare top and bottom layers as you would Rice Krispies treats, in two batches.  Warm caramel layer in microwave over low heat, stirring occasionally.  

You will need:
12 ounce box Rice Krispies cereal
16 ounce bag of mini marshmallows
1 can sweetened condensed milk
14 ounce bag caramels
7 Tbsp butter

Bottom Layer:
6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
6 cups mini marshmallows (use a little over half the bag if you don't want to measure...the sun will still rise if it isn't exact)
3 Tbsp butter

Prepare and press lightly in pan, don't pack it down.

Middle Layer:
1 can sweetened condensed milk
14 ounces caramel (1 bag Kraft caramels~about 50, unwrapped)
2 Tbsp butter

Melt til smooth, pour evenly over bottom layer.

Top Layer:
4 cups Rice Krispies cereal
2 Tbsp butter
4 cups mini marshmallows, (remaining marshmallows of the 16 ounce bag)

Prepare and drop blobs evenly over caramel layer.  

Cool to set.  Cover and refrigerate.

**Note~ the caramel will want to ooze around in warmer temperatures, so during camping season these are best refrigerated.

Variation~ Try substituting Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies, it sounds weird, but is oh-so-yummy!!!~ an accidental discovery by my sister when she ran out of Rice Krispies for the top layer.


  1. These look so yummy! I'd love for you to share them at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon :)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday and I hope you'll stop back soon :)

  2. I don't dare make these. Nope. Not gonna do it.

  3. These look absolutely delicious. Just stopping by from Jam Hands.

  4. mmmmmm...... these are a dangerous thing to have in my house, seeing as they would last about 2.2 seconds. I think I may have to try them....

    Visiting from Whimsically Homemade.

  5. Ooh....delicious! I pinned these- and will definitely have to make them soon! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Yum, these sounds amazing! What a fun idea, thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my heavens!! These look and sound so amazing! I am visiting from Adventures of a DIY Mom and am now your newest follower! : ) I'd love it if you would check out my blog!

  8. These look sooo good!!! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  9. These sound amazing...thanks! :)

  10. Rice crispies are my go to snack and you have improved them! I would love for you to come share with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday.

  11. And I thought rice krispies couldn't get any better...these look amazing!!

  12. These look so good! I can't wait to make them!

  13. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  14. My mom and I use to make these for my boyfriend when I was in high school...well, if we didn't eat them all first! Now that boyfriend and I have been married for almost 20 years..had to be my baking? These are so yummy!!

  15. We make basically the same thing at Christmas, although instead of making bars, you dip half of a jumbo marshmellow into the melted caramel mixture and then roll in Rice Krispies. This looks pretty close to the recipe we use:,1942,155189-229196,00.html

    They are fantastic!


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